ProForm 520 E Elliptical

By | November 17, 2017
ProForm 520 E Elliptical

The 520 E Elliptical offers you an all-in-one way to lose weight, improve your heart-rate, and tone muscle in the same machine. This elliptical utilizes a flywheel magnetic resistance to give you quite a workout, featuring a 19-inch stride length for comfort and workout arms for a full-body effect. The unit can also be adjusted to up to a 20-degree incline for a greater challenge. A built-in bottle holder helps ensure you stay hydrated. The LCD screen comes with 18 programmed workouts and intensity settings and is compatible with mp3 players and the iFit app to make your sessions more enjoyable. Dimensions: 69.3L x 34.4W x 68.25H in.. Rugged steel frame construction. Adjustable incline and resistance. Low-impact workout arms. 18 programmed workouts and resistant levels. Interfaces with mp3-players and iFit.

  • Dimensions: 69.3L x 34.4W x 68.25H in.
  • Rugged steel frame construction
  • Adjustable incline and resistance
  • Low-impact workout arms
  • 18 programmed workouts and resistant levels

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  1. M Murphy
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    1.0 out of 5 stars
    Broken after 15 months…Arm broke right off…Replacement part is almost $100., March 22, 2017

    This review is from: ProForm 520 E Elliptical (Sports)
    This product is complete garbage and ProForm customer service is awful.

    We purchased this product only 15 months ago and the left upper body arm has completely sheared off. How? How does metal just shear like that? Just from normal use. From a man’s arm…

    After trying to get a replacement part from ProForm they offered to replace it for me for $76.65. I invested $499.99 in this machine that only lasted 15 months. How can I invest another $76.65 when the right upper body arm could shear off tomorrow? Or the left could shear off again in 15 months. Absolutely ridiculous.

    Besides this fact, the elliptical is extremely noisy from day 1.

    Buyer beware… I thought I was investing $500 for at least 5 years of use – and I got 15 months.

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  2. Anonymous
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    So far, so good…, November 2, 2017

    This review is from: ProForm 520 E Elliptical (Sports)
    This is an initial observational review, considering that I just purchased and used it only once. And honestly had I read the negative reviews of some of the other users I might have given this unit a pass. But I DIDN’T read these reviews, nor did I even know this device existed until I found it in my local Sporting Goods store, “Scheels”.

    I’d been looking to purchase an elliptical machine for a while, but having never used one, I didn’t know what I was doing. Looking on-line is ZERO help because you MUST try these thing in person to be sure it’ll work for you. Fortunately my local store had them. And for decent prices. I’d seen machines similar in size and design to this one ranging in prices between $800 and $3500. Most of the lesser priced ones seemed too fragile AND they almost all had horror story reviews. (It seems like NONE of these machines are perfect, so just keep THAT in mind as you shop around.)

    What sold me on this one was both the relatively low price ($599.99), the sturdy build (looks like the kind you’ll find in fitness centers) and the FREE ASSEMBLY and FREE DELIVERY. Yep. Sold! I was buying this one in my mind before I ever stepped foot on it to test drive it.

    I will say that it wobbles slightly, but not horribly. It’s something I can easily ignore.

    Unlike some of the other reviewers I’ve had no initial noise or resistance issues. I expect those to occur further down the road. It’s inevitable with exercise machines. I once had a recumbent bike that went from whisper quiet to hideously loud after a few months. It happens.

    And yes, the location of the drink holder IS placed strategically wrong. I can see people clunking their water bottles on the speaker as they pull it for use. But as I only use mine to hold my MP3 player this isn’t an issue for me. I don’t drink until AFTER I get off the machine.

    Which reminds me…I had to improvise a holding location for my MP3 player (see above). Which is a long distance away from the plug-in for the device. Fortunately I already have a 1 foot aux cable so everything worked out fine. The screen is well lit and easy to read. (I’ll try to add some pictures to show you what I mean.)

    Oh! And there are no batteries to deal with. This baby is plug in only, so have an outlet nearby. Since mine is faced AWAY from the wall outlet, I had to add a surge protector outlet extension to reach it. Standard model. Most homes have several lying around already. Like mine. You could also use a simple extension cord, but I went with a surge protector to protect my investment.

    It also comes with an adjustable tablet holder, for all of you techies who enjoy using such things as you work out. I’ll never have a use for this as I’m standing directly in front of both a TV and a PC.

    It’s also easy for me to move around. Just grab the sturdy lift handle located on the base of the rear of the machine, lift, tilt it onto its front wheels and push and pull until you’re where you want to be. (I had to adjust my location slightly after they delivered. I had them put in the right place, I just wanted it a few inches to the left. I’m anal that way.)

    So, considering that I just got this device, I’m giving it four stars. I may return to give it five stars after more than 30-days of uneventful usage. I expect no problems since mine was professionally assembled and I’ve been doing business with Scheels for more than a decade (they do ALL my bike repairs), so I know they do excellent work. Plus they’ll come to my home during the first year to fix any problems for FREE. (Love that word.)

    Personally I believe those people who have had issues right out of the box may have experienced trouble because of their own assembly skills. Maybe? Which is why I was so keen for professionals to build mine. (But arms shearing off the machine is crazy! THAT is definitely poor product. Fingers crossed it doesn’t happen to me.)

    Hope someone found this review helpful.

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