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CycleOps Mag Trainer w/o Adjuster

The Mag is our bread-and-butter trainer. An integrated flywheel within an enclosed unit gives you a quiet, smooth ride. You get variable external resistance to make the ride easy for rest days, and tough for the hard ones. It’s foldable and requires only minor assembly. The Quick-Lock bike mount lever makes securing your bike a… Read More »

CYCLEOPS Trainer Tire

Ultra quiet. Super durable. Trainer use only. 125 psi. 215 grams Ultra quiet Super durable Trainer use only 125 psi 215 grams CYCLEOPS Trainer Tire – Buy now at Amazon.com Price:

CycleOps Fluid Trainer

The most road-like feel of any CycleOps trainer. In essence, it’s a resistance unit encased in hydraulic fluid. Unlike the Mag’s external variable resistance, on the Fluid 2 the harder you pedal, the hotter the fluid gets and the more resistance you experience. But there’s more going on than just that: the Fluid 2 is… Read More »

CycleOps Training Mat – 36in x 65in

A no-slip rubberized mat that protects your carpet or hardwood floor from grime and sweat when you’re doing indoor training on your rollers or trainer. Measures 36″ x 65″. Product Features Material: Dimensions: Compatibility: Recommended Use: indoor bike training Manufacturer Warranty: Keeps your trainer from “walking” during intense workouts Protects your floor from sweat and… Read More »