Depression: causes, effects, symptoms, treatment

Depression is a serious illness which includes the feeling of sadness, anger, and loss of hope, frustrations and many other negative thoughts. Depression causes deep emotional pain to the person who is suffering from this disease and to the family members also. This problem needs immediate attention as in severe case it can also cause one to commit suicide.

Cause of the depressions:

There are many causes of depression like:

Drug: The drug addict people are the ones who are mostly suffer from depression. If the addicted person is topped from taking the drug then it might create a sense of imbalance which can result in depression.

Stressful events of the life: The stressful events of the life are the major causes of depression among the people. It is seen that the women suffer more from depression because of the bad happening in life. So, it is advised to take the things very lightly so that it does not affect your body.

Greif and losses: The grief, pain and losses in the life are also important causes of depression. It is very difficult to deal with the pain. If you are suffering from any of these, do consult any of the therapists to help you in dealing with the life problems and overcoming them.


There are many medications suggested for depression and of the most effective one is the Waklert. The standard dosage for this pill is 150mg once a day. You can take these pills in the morning. Even if you are suffering from insufficient sleepiness or the weather changes etc. then also you can have these pills.

Where can you buy these pills:

The pills that are required for the treating this indications can be easily available at many of the medical stores. But still if you have any of the problems while buying of these medicines without the prescriptions, you can order the medicines online. There are many of the online pharmacies like the RXShopMD from where you can have the medicines.

Precautions for using the pills:

There are many pills that can be taken in various indications. But every pill does have the restriction and the constraints that must be taken care of while you are consuming the pills.

If you are taking any medicine on a regular basis you are advised to consult the doctor before taking these pills. Sometimes, there are side effects of the combination of some of the medicines.

Here are some adverse reactions of the pills when taken in the wrong ways:

You can take the pills in combination with the provigil in the specified amounts. It is advice to take the medicinal dose at the first half of the day otherwise you will feel insomnia or the dizziness.

If you will take over dose of the pills you can suffer from anxiety or unhealthy agitations. If you feel allergic to these medicines, you should avoid taking them otherwise you can suffer through itching or swelling.

So, follow the instructions of the doctor and then take the medicine as directed to avoid any side effect.

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