How to take care of gray hair

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Have you decided to come to terms with the appearance of gray hair on your head? It is recommended to provide the graying hair with the necessary care to maintain a beautiful color: from white to steel gray. Follow my tips.

 By caring for gray hair, the most important thing is to prevent the appearance of yellow highlights. “The appearance of yellow highlights on gray hair is almost inevitable. In the fight against this problem, a special shampoo from yellow tone of hair will help you. The use of such a shampoo once every two weeks will be enough to combat the unpleasant glances. However, the shampoo provides only an aesthetic effect and it is not a hair care product. For this reason, its frequent use is not recommended. In addition, it is not recommended to leave such a shampoo on your hair for a long time, since you risk giving your hair a blue tint! ”

When hair is greying, as a rule, its structure changes. “By appearing gray hair is different from natural hair. NY hair stylists advise to select the hair care products individually. In any case, gray hair is no more sensitive than natural hair, rather the opposite. ”

 Beautiful gray hair should have a healthy shine. “Gray hair can display a steel shade, which favorably emphasizes the hairstyle. For a metallic effect, use hair care products such as serum or hair styling products that give hair shine. ”

My advice: when your hair begins to turn gray, dyeing it, to make the hair uniformity, will not be the right decision. On the contrary, during bleaching hair suffers. By dyeing, you will never get a color identical to the color of your gray hair. It may even give an unnatural result. Be careful and take care of your hair!


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