| The First Free Animated Surgical and Medical Information Platform for Patients. | The First Free Animated Surgical and Medical Information Platform for Patients.

Precare is designed and tailored to be a holistic guide for patients, utilizing up to date medical information, that can be effortlessly understood by patients and their families to allow optimal planning, decrease anxiety and improve recovery. The short animated guides are universal and can be accessed for free through any smart phone, tablet, or computer, 24/7 and are offered in various languages. The information provided on this platform through the animated videos aims to guide patients with pre-operative preparation, illustrates what to expect from their upcoming surgery and advises how to promptly and safely recover postoperatively.

All information presented is recommended and supported by a critical review of the medical literature, including the recent recovery pathway called ERAS, standing for Enhanced Recovery After Surgery.

When compared with traditional operative care, using aspects of ERAS has been associated with decreased pain and length of stay, while simultaneously improving patient satisfaction and quality of life, thus enabling you to recover more quickly and resume routine activities in a more timely fashion compared to standard surgical care.

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Amidst a wealth of information and misinformation, a centralized and easy-to-use web based tool has the ability to create a more informed patient population. Greater information dissemination has the potential to decrease hospital visits, patient anxiety, and will help empower patients to improve health.

Alongside the informative surgical guides, the website also provides medical guides, physiotherapy demonstrations, exercises, nutritional advice and other products to aid with your surgical preparation and recovery.

On Behalf of the Precare team, we hope that our platform will facilitate your medical journey.

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