Prevent Teeth Decay with these Tips

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Tooth decay is what comes first in mind when people say they have tooth problems. It is known as a silent epidemic because you only feel the pain after your tooth is severely damaged or decayed. The pain someone gets from breaking an arm or a leg is what is being compared to a tooth ache.

According to a study published on Medscape, tooth ache can be as bad as pain resulting from an injury. They say prevention is better than cure. Therefore, you should work on preventing tooth ache to avoid the pain that comes with it. Here are five ways you can prevent tooth decay:

Top 5 Tips to Preventing Teeth Decay

  • Model Good Behavior in Kids

If you’re a parent, take care of your kids while they are still young to ensure they’ve got proper oral health. Kids tend to copy what adults do. Therefore, reinforcing your teeth is an important step a kid can imitate. You can make a rule in the house that nobody goes to bed without brushing their teeth.

The rules should apply to everyone so that kids can develop a routine of brushing their teeth daily. Poor performance in school, sleepless nights with pain and other behavioral issues are some effects resulting from tooth decay. Modeling good behavior in members of your family can also prevent loss of teeth and infections cavities cause.

  • Develop a Teeth Brushing Routine

When people develop routines, and the children around watch they do, the result is positive. The kids continue brushing their teeth up to old age because they were taught while young and it became a habit. This is possible with consistency.

Supervise your kids while brushing their teeth. It is recommended that you brush your teeth at least two times a day. Brushing daily can help prevent periodontal diseases and tooth decay. Never forget to clean your tongue while brushing your teeth. It also harbors bacteria and thus the need for proper cleaning.

  • Visit a Dentist Often

It is important because it can assist you to notice signs of early tooth decay. Do not assume that your teeth are healthy.  The best cosmetic dentists can just look at them even if you do not feel any pain. Therefore, there is need for honoring a dentist’s appointments.

Dentists are well trained and have the experience to identify your teeth problem through observation. Tartar that usually build up can be easily removed during teeth cleaning than at home.

  • Use Fluoride Toothpaste

Tooth decay can be combated when you brush your teeth using toothpaste with fluoride. The enamel is strengthened when teeth is brushed with fluoride hence killing all harmful bacteria. Use the recommended amount on the package label and teach your children on the same.

  • Reduce Sugar Intake

Most tooth decay is as a result of sugar intake, especially during childhood. Reduce the amount of sugar you consume or simply avoid using it. There’s a reaction that ensue when you take starch and sugar, factors key to tooth decay. An acid is formed when bacteria, saliva and sugar react, eroding the enamel.


You need to floss your teeth occasionally, if not daily, as part of caring for your teeth and preventing decay. The more often you floss, the more you gain from the routine. Flossing can easily clean the small crevices that brush bristles cannot reach.

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